Clay – Tapping the Riches of the Earth

Clay – Tapping the Riches of the Earth

Did you know that clay is 100% natural? It literally IS the earth.

Clay is formed when stone, water, pressure – and thousands of years – combine, pulverizing the stone to dust, infusing it with water rich in minerals and organic nutrients, pressing the rich mixture to create the clay we all know. Clay has different properties, textures and colors depending on the natural environment it is harvested from, and all varieties of clay have been used in healing and beauty regimens since the dawn of civilization.

Ustawi red clay

On the skin, clay has incredible absorption properties, penetrating pores, soaking up excess oils, impurities and toxins. This results in deep cleaning without scrubbing for a powerful, yet very gentle cleanse. The magic of clay is that it also adsorbs. This means clay doesn’t just take away the dirt and toxins, it leaves a thin, invisible film, packed with the nutrients and minerals it is made of, to continue to fight impurities, nourish the skin, and create a barrier to prevent dryness.

Today, many millennia after the ancients routinely used this gift from the earth to clean, heal and protect their skin, Ustawi has harnessed the powers of clay through modern science to create our Red Clay Purifying Mask. Extensive research and rigorous testing have resulted in a formulation to make all skin tones glow!

Ustawi red clay models


Red Clay Purifying Mask Key Features:

  • Red Clay: our hero ingredient, especially rich in micronutrients with strong antioxidant properties and active detoxifying effects. It also has a specific structure that most efficiently removes impurities, removing blackheads, fighting pimples and blemishes - without drying the skin.
  • White Clay: all the absorption properties of clay but is especially gentle. We balance our formulation to ensure glowing results for all, including dry and sensitive skin.
  • Hesperidin: Visibly tightens pore.

The clays are combined with powerful humectants and emollients (16%) to ensure hydration. No tightness/over drying, unlike most clay products.

Lightly scented with natural eucalyptus, with a creamy, airy texture like no other clay mask, you need to try it, your skin will love you back!

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