Is pollution really bad for your skin?

Is pollution really bad for your skin?

An invisible threat to your health and your skin

Everyone is pretty much aware of the damage that UV radiation can cause. And using a daily sun protection is now becoming more and more common. But what about pollution? Maybe because you can’t feel or see it (you can sometimes when air quality is extremely bad). But most of the time we don’t really realize how much we are surrounded by air pollution. And on the contrary of sun lights, you can’t really avoid it especially if you live in cities. So how to protect your skin from pollutant particles and why should you?

Air pollutants and their harmful effects on the skin

First there are plenty of sorts of pollutants with scary names: Gaseous pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and Sulphur dioxide. Heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium, nickel, and arsenic. 4Polycystic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which can be produced by cigarette smoke, vehicle emissions, cigarette smoke, and coal burning and so on… The list is very long. But what do they all have in common? Those pollutants we are living around can potentially enter the skin via absorption of nanoparticles. These absorbed particles create oxidative stress resulting in the depletion of antioxidants – including glutathione, vitamin E, vitamin C, and squalene. It also stimulates complex pro-inflammatory melanogenesis. In other words, not only it will have an impact on the general appearance of your skin (irritation, ageing process, dullness) but it can also lead to hyperpigmentation, especially for those with beautiful medium and dark skin tones! This is the very reason why, USTAWI products, originally formulated to answer medium and dark skin tones needs, have anti-pollution properties. How to tackle pollution's impact on your skin? Thankfully, there are actually many ways to prevent and fight the damage caused by air pollution.

Anti-pollution skincare protection is key

First, you can physically protect yourself from it. How? Using skincare that will act as barriers between your skin and those nasty pollution particles. Our Glow Protection & Shielding Mist is the perfect way to do so. One of the key ingredients is called Pollustop® (or Biosacharride gum-4) and it creates a 3D matrix (yes, fancy!) onto the skin. This invisible film is non-occlusive and will let the skin breath while it will block largest particles such as pollutants to go through. The perfect “skin-guard”!

Antioxidants: our best friends!

Secondly, as the oxidative stress provokes the reduction of anti-oxidants and the multiplication of free radicals, it is fundamental to continuously fill up with antioxidants (food and skincare wise). On the skincare side, we can help! Our serums and moisturizers are full of powerful and natural antioxidants: Baobab superfruit extract, Vitamin C, Hesperidin, Green tea…and so on! On the food size, here are some ideas of “beautylicious” food you can throw in your morning smoothie to get your daily dose of antioxidant: Strawberry, Blueberry, Goji Berries… (pretty much all the berries!) Nuts such pecans, walnuts, almonds… Green vegetables are the best to: Kale, broccoli, spinach And for extra flavor, you can also add some dark chocolate also known to be a good antioxidant (yummy!)

Clean skin, Fresh start!

Thirdly, the last step of your anti-pollution routine (and of every skincare routine really!) is cleansing. Deep, gentle, and consistent! Our cleansers range has been specifically formulated to help you to efficiently remove the pollution particles accumulated on the skin surface, leaving the skin clean, fresh, and protected. And for extra care, our 5 in 1 Detox & Glow Mask is packed with powerful ingredients to purify, detoxify, smooth, nourish and illuminate the skin. A must have to incorporate in your weekly routine! “Knowledge is power” so now you should have all the tips you need to protect your beautiful skin from external aggressions. Be safe!