Ustawi photo shoot takes us back to the Motherland

Ustawi photo shoot takes us back to the Motherland

Best Faces Forward! the Ustawi Photo Shoots

We had to literally travel the world to bring Ustawi to life! The wisdom of Africa, the style of France and the energy of America all go into everything we do, so naturally, our photo shoot to launch Ustawi was actually FOUR photo shoots, on location in Paris, New York and Congo – in a span of ten days! With top photographers and stylists on board at each location, we have painted a picture of the World of Ustawi.

We featured models - and non-models - representing the diversity of skin and background, including musician Sophia Bastien, our board-certified dermatologist Dr. Elyse Love, and of course, our founder and CEO Natacha Paugam, who, as you can see, has not lost a beat from her career as an international model.


There was also a full-scale studio shoot, to capture the pure, clean and earthy image of all of our products:

From the iconic streets of Paris, the breathtaking New York skyline, the vibrant streets of Congo, we have worked hard to create a living portrait of the wide and diverse world of Ustawi. You will be seeing these myriad images across our website and social media. We hope everyone can feel the energy - And MUCH more is to come!

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