Combination/Oily Skin

Collection: Combination/Oily Skin

You want the Glow but not the oily shine. We get it.

Having an excess of sebum, whether it is because this is your usual skin type or just a phase, can be very annoying. Learn more

Not only do you have to deal with oily looking skin, it also usually goes along with congestion, breakouts and enlarged pores.Long-lasting makeup can be a challenge too.

Causes of oily skin issues are multiple. Again, lifestyle is key. For example, a sugar heavy diet can lead to sebum overproduction.

But your skincare routine plays a key role too. You tend to over-clean oily skin, with products full of chemical ingredients or too concentrated – exfoliators are a typical example of products that – if not chosen carefully – can aggravate your skin, leading to more oil production as a defensive mechanism.

The secret is to use gentle cleansers (the more natural the better) that will detoxify while nourishing your skin – water and oil-based products are perfect to do so.

Applying a mask a few times a week is also a must. Clay masks are perfect to gently absorb excess sebum, reduce pores appearance and illuminate the skin.