WHY USTAWI? We offer time-honored and scientifically proven solutions for Melanin-Rich skin

What is Melanin?
It is a pigment that protects the skin, but many factors can overstimulate melanin production, creating dark spots, uneven coloration and increased sensitivity. Ustawi cares for the specific needs of melanin-rich skin.


Do I have Melanin-Rich skin?
70% of the world’s population does! From the darkest brown to honey, beige and ochre, Ustawi offers benefits for all shades of people of many colors

Top Concerns for melanin-rich skin: Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

The truth is, there is no magic cream that can make dark spots disappear overnight. The strongest formulas are by prescription only, and even over the counter products for hyperpigmentation tend to be harsh on melanin-rich skin​

Ustawi offers products to protect Melanin-Rich skin from environmental factors that can cause issues, and gently restore texture and evenness to skin.


We combine proven scientific and natural ingredients to ensure the gentlest approach to effective results.

We pair Niacinamide with Licorice Root Extract for hyperpigmentation, and EGCG with Baobab Fruit for anti-oxidant benefits. With our perfectly balanced formulation, Ustawi protects and nurtures the skin while gently improving hyperpigmentation.