Clear Skin with not a single imperfection

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Who does not dream about flawless skin with not a single imperfection?

Filters can make it seem easy, but skin that is truly clear and healthy in real life is actually a long-term process. Learn more

And this is not only about Skincare, it goes much beyond: Food, drink, sleeping patterns, hormones, general health… all contribute to the radiance seen in your skin.

At Ustawi (which means wellbeing in Swahili), we are all convinced that Mind and Body are interconnected. Your skin is often a good indicator of your general wellbeing.

But of course, a consistent, gentle, clean Skincare routine can work wonders not only for your skin but also for your Total Self.

1. No surprise, Deep cleansing is a must-do every day. This will remove dirt and excess sebum

2. Of course, you need to pick the right moisturizer for your skin type, packed with nutritious ingredients, vitamins, and antioxidants.

3. Let’s also avoid inflammation by protecting your skin - from the sun, of course, but also from pollution. This will help prevent pores from clogging and breakouts.

4. A couple of times a week, do take some extra time to exfoliate and treat with a Face Mask to purify, detoxify, smooth, nourish and illuminate your beautiful skin tone. All this is the perfect combo to achieve the “Clean girl” look. One more tip: do wash those Makeup brushes…bacteria growth there could ruin all your well-earned results!