Ustawi Means Wellbeing.  formulas for Melanin-Rich skin.  Ethical,Vegan,Anti-pollution.

Natacha Paugam

CEO & Founder

"My goal is to contribute to making the melanin skin community glow and thrive by using the power of natural ingredients while giving back to my beloved Africa."

Why USTAWI Skincare ?

We address melanin skin challenges with scientifically tested formulas made in France, using clean and natural ingredients primarily sourced in Africa. Our products have been vetted by top scientists and dermatologists.


Rooted in Culture

Ustawi celebrates Africa, our founder’s homeland – its land, nature, culture, and spirituality. The legacy of Africa is alive and evolving throughout the world, reflected in our international, diverse, and inclusive team. Our combined culture informs our love for Music, Art, Fashion & dedication to Philanthropy.

Based on Science

Ustawi products target melanin-rich skin and problems induced by inflammation and environmental stress. Our formulas contain natural ingredients in the optimal concentration, detoxifying the skin of damaging free radicals and pollution-induced oxidation, reducing uneven pigmentation due to melanin overproduction.

Dermatologically Tested

All Ustawi formulations undergo independent laboratory testing to verify each formula's performance and mildness for melanin-rich skin. Each product claim is validated with objective data and clinical studies. Every product undergoes  tolerability testing to ensure minimum irritation on use.

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