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Our Mission

LET YOUR MELANIN GLOW! USTAWI skincare line aims to protect and sublime every skin tone. We all have melanin…at different levels, which makes each of us unique! Melanin cells are very sensitive to chemicals, environment, and hormones. Therefore, skin with a higher concentration of melanin has more chance to experience hyperpigmentation, dryness, inflammation and scarring… So naturally, we have tested all our innovative formulations on darker skin tones (phototypes 4-6), to achieve the best results without compromising the wellbeing of your beautiful skin!

The concept of Wellbeing is so close to our hearts that we named our brand USTAWI, which means “WELLBEING” in Swahili.

We want you to feel beautiful, confident and powerful in your own skin… no matter your skin tone, gender or age. Because we all deserve to GLOW from the inside out! 

WE make no compromise on efficacy by combining natural ingredients with a rigorous scientific approach.

YES to gentle formulations and YES to visible results… thanks to the perfect balance between traditional natural African beauty recipes and the latest science breakthroughs.

OUR formulations are 100% CLEAN, Vegan and Cruelty free.

Skincare you can trust! We don’t use any controversial ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, phthalates and silicones…​ We also don’t add any artificial perfume, so our formulations are perfectly suitable for sensitive skins. ​

The Experts Say

Elyse Love

MD, Board-Certified Dermatologist

"Ustawi is a one-of-a-kind skincare line with ingredients sourced from multiple regions in Africa and formulated in France. It combines ancestral ingredients and modern science to build a gentle, yet effective skincare routine that protects the skin against modern assaults - most notably pollution."

Philippe Piccerelle

Head, Pharmaceutical Bio-engineering Department

“Ustawi offers formulations adapted to melanin-rich skin in terms of active ingredients and safety. Today it is important to have effective products, based in science, adapted to melanin-rich skin, tested on melanin-rich skin and are eco-responsible. Ustawi has achieved this.”

Carl Geffken

International regulatory and claims specialist

"The Ustawi line of products is truly unique, drawing upon ingredients and a regimen that is deeply rooted in African culture for generations. It was a pleasure to work with the product development team to help substantiate safety and efficacy claims , knowing that the clinical testing was rigorous and specially targeted for their consumers."

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