What is Melanin?

It is a pigment that protects the skin, but many factors can overstimulate its production, forming dark spots, uneven tone, and increased sensitivity.

At Ustawi, we aim to meet the specific needs of Melanin-rich skin.

Expertise in Melanin-rich skin

Do I have Melanin-rich skin?

70% of the world's population does, and Ustawi offers an answer to the needs of every skin tone.

The Melanin in our skin is what makes each of us so unique and beautiful. But it also means that our skin can be more sensitive to certain things, like chemicals, environmental stressors, and hormones.

This can cause darker skin tones, which have more concentrated Melanin, to be at higher risk of hyperpigmentation. Even the smallest irritation, like a scratch, burn or pimple, can leave a permanent mark on our skin. And darker skin tones are also more prone to dryness, inflammation, and scarring.

That's why we launched our Melanin expert skincare range! It's specifically designed to protect and enhance all skin tones, so you can feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

Our high-performance formulas have been rigorously tested on both darker and lighter skin types to ensure that the results are representative for everyone. With 70% of volunteers having darker skin, you can rest assured that this range will work for you no matter your skin tone. And the best part? The USTAWI range delivers visible results, leaving your skin radiant, glowing, soothed, and protected. Say hello to beautiful, healthy skin with USTAWI!

The main concerns of Melanin-rich skin: brown spots and hyperpigmentation.

If you have Melanin-rich skin, you may be concerned about brown spots and hyperpigmentation. Unfortunately, there is no magic cream that will make them disappear overnight. The most effective formulas are only available by prescription, and even over-the-counter options can be harsh on darker skin.

However, using a skincare range like USTAWI, which has been tested on a diverse range of skin tones, can help protect and enhance your skin's natural beauty. With consistent use, you will see a reduction in hyperpigmentation and an overall improvement in your skin's health and radiance.

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The solution by Ustawi: Niacinamide dark spot correcting serum

Our products are carefully formulated with a blend of natural and scientific ingredients to deliver the most effective results with a gentle touch. Our combination of Niacinamide and Licorice Root extract, known for their ability to fight hyperpigmentation, along with EGCG and Baobab superfruit, packed with antioxidants, ensure that your skin is protected and nourished while gently improving hyperpigmentation.

You can trust Ustawi to provide the perfect balance of ingredients for healthy, glowing skin.


Our experts

We work hand in hand with university professors and researchers, board certified doctors, formulators, and chemists, as well as partner laboratories. Find out more about one of the leading experts in the cosmetics industry we work with to develop our skin care products.

Philippe Piccerelle

Head, Pharmaceutical Bio-engineering Department

“Ustawi offers formulations adapted to Melanin-rich skin in terms of active ingredients and safety. Today it is important to have effective products, based in science, adapted to Melanin-rich skin, tested on Melanin-rich skin and are eco-responsible. Ustawi has achieved this.”