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Clear Skin, Clear Mind

Why is it so important to clean your face every single day? Learn more

You may not realize it but during the day, your skin gets covered with impurities, dirt, oil, bacteria, and pollution particles…

And this is all on top of your sleek everyday makeup look! If this all stays on the surface of the skin for too long, it will inevitably cause irritation and oxidation. In other words, you will experience blemishes, dull skin, and hyperpigmentation...especially if your beautiful skin tone is rich in Melanin!

The best way to prevent all this: Triple cleansing every single evening (no exceptions!) with Step 1: A water-based cleanser (Our refreshing micellar gel is the perfect one)

Step 2: An oil-based cleanser (our nourishing cleansing balm will turn cleansing into a sensuous, indulgent experience).

Step 3: A toner to finish the cleansing process and prep your skin to best absorb your serums and creams. Unlike most cleansers you will find in the market, our formulas are 100% Clean and up to 99% natural: the perfect combination for a deep yet gentle cleansing routine.

Yes, cleansing is super key if you want your natural skin radiance to glow but more importantly, it should be a self-care moment for you to unwind from your busy day and get rid of all the stress and fatigue you accumulated during the day. Now that you and your skin feel refreshed, enjoy and relax!