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Your own beauty ritual

Everyone has already tried a mask in their life, right? This is actually a very ancient beauty practice… Learn more

Across all the world, women used to concoct masks with pretty much everything they could find in nature: herbs, plants, fruits, spices, minerals…Nowadays, the market is saturated with mask in every shape and form, every flavor, every texture, and color you could imagine! Unfortunately, many of them are full of chemicals and can create discomfort to sensitive skin.

This is why we made no compromise between scientifically proved efficiency and gentle natural inspired formulas. We took inspiration from Motherland Africa. Our founder, Natacha, was using ancient recipes with red clay to reveal her natural beauty. We then created a natural yet powerful multi-tasking mask that sublimes all skin tones.

Give your skin some extra care 2 to 3 times a week: Get some music on, do your nails, exercise…whatever makes you feel good. This is your time, your ritual, your mask!