Collection: Mist

Your beauty bodyguard!

Face mists have flourished over the last few years. But this is not only a new fancy way of applying skincare… Learn more

When spraying, humectants in the mist are instantly absorbed by the skin and provide a refreshing sensation. The skin looks plumped and dewy. The best is that you can apply it all day long, on the go, wherever you are. The benefits of using a Face Mist are truly multiple. The only downside of it is that you need to find your way of using it properly: not too close or it will ruin your makeup and not too far, or it won’t even reach the skin. You just need a little a bit a practice!

Our Ustawi Mist is Fragrance free and will not only leave your skin hydrated and refreshed but will also act as a shield to protect your skin from external aggressions, specifically induced by pollution. Why does it matter? Because of all those particles that accumulate on the surface of the skin, you are exposed to inflammation, oxidation, and hyperpigmentation – especially if your skin tone is rich in Melanin! After finishing your daily skincare and makeup routine, this is your last step to be ready to Glow!