Collection: Moisturizer

More is better

Every skin type needs to moisturize every day. Whether you have super oily skin with acne or extremely dry and sensitive skin, moisturizing is essential in your skincare daily routine. Why? Learn more

Because it helps creating a barrier against external aggressions and keeps your skin hydrated and comfortable. Of course, you need to choose moisturizer according to your skin needs. For combination to oily skin, a Matte Finish formula will help absorbing oil and sebum excess while keep your skin smooth and fresh. For very dry to dry skin, a rich nourishing texture will help maintaining optimal hydration all day long. At Ustawi, we always go the extra mile, so our moisturizers are not only ultra-nourishing (providing immediate and long-lasting hydration) but also packed with superfood ingredients to act as a shield against free-radicals and pollution.

The results: it immediately leaves the skin nourished, smooth, and radiant and prevents hyperpigmentation and dull skin. You can follow directly with your daily SPF and your primer. You now have the perfect canvas to let your makeup creativity thrive every single day…Or choose to go for a natural look. Either way, you are gorgeous the way you are!