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Your beauty shot booster

Do we really need one? YES, absolutely! This is a must-have of your daily routine just after cleansing and just before moisturizing. Learn more

Serums usually contain stronger dose of active ingredients and will target very specific needs that your skin have. Anti-ageing is the most common one but there are plenty of others everywhere. What is hard to find thought is a Serum that is:

1. Suitable for all skin tones, specifically for darker skins who are often forgotten by big beauty brand names!

2. Clean formulations with no harsh ingredients and up to 95% natural ingredients

3. Serums that actually work! Whether you are looking to reduce and prevent hyperpigmentation or to get this glowy skin look, we got what is needed to make you and your skin happier!

We worked really hard with dermatologists and scientific experts to develop the perfect combination of powerful ingredients such Niacinamide, Vitamin C and E, for the best results but always putting your skin wellbeing first!