Green Tea

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Green tea has been known across the world for centuries and is probably one of the healthiest beverages. Learn more

The health benefits are said to be numerous i.e. - heart disease protection, brain function improvement and fat loss aid.

Although not the most common ingredient used in skincare, green tea does wonders for skin. Packed with antioxidants, green tea helps reduce melanin production and fights free radicals that can irritate skin. A gentle anti-inflammatory that also controls sebum overproduction, green tea is a key ingredient found in our moisturizers.

For an extra boost, we also use the active compound of green tea called “EGCG”, in its optimal concentration and in combination with other powerful natural derived ingredients, in our serums and mask, to control hyperpigmentation, boost anti-inflammatory effects, and reduce UV damage. We use certified organic green extract to infuse powerful hydration and promote moisture retention in skin.