Collection: Hesperidin


Extracted from tapioca and bitter orange, hesperidin is a naturally derived ingredient that brightens, smooths, and minimizes the appearance of pores – It also protects and heals skin beyond the surface. Learn more

While the name is difficult to pronounce, we believe it’s worth knowing… A natural plant chemical, Hesperidin (heh·spr·i·dn) is believed to have beneficial effects on blood vessels. Used as a natural remedy for allergies, high blood pressure, varicose veins and hot flashes to name a few, Hesperidin in skincare, helps prevent skin damage by blocking pollution receptors in the skin and fighting inflammation from various triggers of hyperpigmentation.

Hesperidin also helps promotes blood flow in the skin to help maintain healthy skin at all levels. Working along other powerful antioxidants, it reinforces action against free radicals, leaving the skin smooth, luminous, and protected.