Collection: Hesperidin

What is Hesperidin?

Down-to-Earth Healer with an out of this world name. While the name is difficult to pronounce, we believe it is worth knowing. Hesperidin is a chemical produced in the rind of certain fruits, nature’s layer of protection to nurture, protect and regenerate its precious plants. As always, the science behind Ustawi is rooted in nature, and we have derived the gifts of nature through exhaustive research and development, optimizing the benefits of each ingredient.

Hesperidin is a powerful, natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is known to promote blood flow, leading to its use as a natural remedy for high blood pressure, varicose veins and hot flashes. As a skincare ingredient, Hesperidin protects and heals far beyond the surface.

The Benefits of Hesperidin in Skincare

On the skin, Hesperidin’s antioxidant powers prevent skin damage by blocking the receptors in the skin that are triggered by UVB and UVA rays, pollution, and other irritants. Its anti-inflammatory properties help block hyperpigmentation at every step, balancing and regulating “tyrosinase activity,” the literal melanin production process of the skin. These superpowers alone are enough reason we formulate Hesperidin into almost every product in our skincare collection. But Hesperidin, like the best products of nature, is a multitasker, so there is more:

Hesperidin’s power to promote blood flow helps maintain healthy skin at all levels, most importantly, by stimulating lipids and keratinocytes… In plain English, it helps skin regenerate and “plump up”, which results in minimized pores. Clinical testing has shown that Hesperidin can reduce visible pores by nearly 40%.

Hesperidin is nature’s guardian, a key ingredient to keep your skin smooth, luminous, and protected.