Collection: Cleanse

The skin is our largest organ. It protects the rest of our body from all external aggressions.

Although skin has extraordinary protective skills, the hydrolipid (moisture) barrier is very sensitive and needs to be preserved to maintain your naturally beautiful and healthy skin. Learn more

So, the key word is GENTLE. Especially when it comes to cleansing.

All sorts of impurities accumulate every day on your skin: pollution, sweat, excess sebum (oils produced by your skin), dead skin…

Therefore, a daily cleansing especially in the evening is a MUST to purify and restore natural radiance, especially if you have a skin tone rich in Melanin.

Ustawi’s Clean, naturally derived formulations will help you clean thoroughly while gently preserving your natural skin barrier.

You can also deep clean with our 5 in 1 Red Clay Mask up to 3 times a week.