Vitamin C

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Why We Love Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an extraordinary antioxidant that will help neutralize free radicals. This is the reason why it has become a must have in anti-aging skin care.

Did you know that, unlike most of vitamins, the body does not store Vitamin C? So, a regular intake is necessary. Luckily enough, Vitamin C can be found in many delicious food-like citrus fruits, tomatoes, blackcurrants, parsley…the richer the color, the better!

Vitamin C For Anti Aging

In Skin care, Vitamin C is very delicate but precious treasure, reason being that the molecule in its natural state is instable. A strong concentration of Vitamin C is not always what is best for the skin. The best is to use a stabilized form of Vitamin C that releases slowly over time during the day and will efficiently protect and long-term results in reducing fine lines.

Our products are formulated with stabilized form of vitamin C using Baobab fruit pulp extract and in combination with other powerful and natural ingredients, to give you the brightest glow!