Hydrate & Nourish your Skin

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Every skin needs hydration! But some more than others…

Dehydrated skin lacks water, not oil…So yes, oily skin can definitely be dehydrated. Learn more

If your skin feels tight, uncomfortable, sensitive – even after you just applied your daily moisturizer; you are probably experiencing Skin dehydration.

You may also notice redness, excess sebum, new fine lines (don’t worry, those will go away once you feed your skin with super hydrating food).

The causes of dehydration are multiple. External: skin tends to feel drier during winter because temperatures and humidity may affect your skin barrier.

But the color of your skin is also a factor of whether you are more prone to dehydration. Melanin rich skin usually suffers more from dehydration during colder months.

What you need to prevent dehydration is what we call Ultra nourishing moisturizers. These will not only boost immediate hydration but also have a long-lasting effect (up to 24 hours,) leaving your skin feeling plump, nourished, and comfy.