Collection: Niacinamide


You’ve probably heard about Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3? This is the new skincare super star, and it actually deserves the fame. Learn more

Niacinamide is an essential nutriment helping your body to function properly. You can naturally fill up with Vitamin B3 by eating plenty of eggs, milk, green veggies, cereals, beans, and fish. In skincare, this multi-tasking natural vitamin does miracles too. It enhances repair of UV induced DNA damage, helping to improve the elasticity of the skin. Niacinamide also protects skin from damaging factors like environmental pollution and acne. It promotes ceramide and fatty acid production, which helps skin maintain its luminosity and hydration. Niacinamide is also known to treat hyperpigmentation. It does this by preventing pigments from surfacing on the skin, showing significant skin brightening effects and helping to even out skin tone.

Studies have also shown Niacinamide as a powerful ingredient to help strengthen the skin barrier. After 4 weeks of treatment, with a dose of 2 %, the results were: + 67% free fatty acid / + 34% ceramide / -27% reduction of water loss.

In a nutshell, Niacinamide is a MUST have in your skincare routine, which is why we incorporated a minimum of 2% niacinamide in all our serums and moisturizers.