Did you know that 70% of the World’s Population has Melanin-Rich skin?

Did you know that 70% of the World’s Population has Melanin-Rich skin?

It was a bit of a surprise to us as well! At Ustawi, we are African, African-American, LatinX, Asian and European – and several combinations. We all know how the summer sun feels so good on our skin, adding a healthy glow to whatever our natural shade – but it sometimes comes back to us in a not so pretty discoloration or texture to our fall and winter skin. We also have had a pimple (or few) that leaves a mark, long after it has dried up and healed.


If this sounds familiar to you, join the club, we are Melanin-Rich! We range in tones from light to dark, but we have in common the special sensitivities of our skin’s heritage. We also have in common the fact that our needs have not been met, historically, by what is available in the market.

Ustawi strives to offer information on our skin and its needs, and the products to best address them.

More and more, the world is learning that skin cancer, UV rays and other threats to skin health do not discriminate. Now is the time to educate ourselves further, to learn exactly what is best to maintain and improve the special glow of our skin. Our skin can be sensitive, delicate and tends to react to harsh products – we know this, but stereotypes persist. Ustawi has developed our formulations with the sensitivities of Melanin-Rich skin at the forefront. Based on natural ingredients, modeled on traditional recipes, our products have undergone extensive formulation and testing to ensure that our skin is treated the way it needs - to be at its best. Please join us in our journey to discover the true stories of the skin we live in, and the ways to care for it.

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