Baobab: What? and Why?

Baobab: What? and Why?

For most people who did not grow up in a land blessed with the Baobab tree, you might only picture it from the illustrations of a childhood book, “The Little Prince,” mysterious and exotic. Many have heard of it, but most probably still have to ask - What IS it? It has fruit? Can you eat it? Why is it good for my skin?

Welcome to the magical world of the Baobab. In many regions of the world, Baobab is truly the tree of life; providing nutrition, healing, and beauty, inside and out. It is the source of Wellbeing, which is literally the meaning of Ustawi.

Ustawi has worked hard to feature this gift of nature in our skincare formulations, and now, everyone can benefit from the life-giving powers of the African superfruit.

african superfruit

If you follow natural health and holistic Wellbeing practices, you may already know that Baobab is a rich source of fiber and polyphenols which can aid digestive health, weight maintenance, and reduce Glycemic Response. The fruit is also high in calcium, vitamins, and minerals:

  • Ten times the Vitamin C content of an Orange
  • Packed with minerals, including magnesium, iron, and zinc

It is clear that Baobab has superpowers to support health and Wellbeing, and all of these properties also make Baobab the ideal natural ingredient to boost your health from the outside – namely, your skin!

And about Vitamin C - Most of us already know it is “great for the skin” - but here is exactly why: it is a powerful antioxidant, fighting the effects of aging and sun damage – and Baobab is loaded with it. Baobab is a top natural source of Vitamin C, and at Ustawi, our mission is to base all of our products on natural ingredients. This requires much research and development, to ensure our formulas are perfected to deliver the most from our ingredients: potent yet gentle, natural yet stable.

baobab superfruit

In keeping with our dedication to corporate responsibility, Ustawi sources for Baobab are COSMOS-approved for sustainability.

The Baobab. Superfruit providing a world of skin benefits. We include Baobab in every product in our collection. We hope Ustawi becomes part of your collection, to help achieve, maintain, and enhance your GLOW!

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