What on earth is Hesperidin?

What on earth is Hesperidin?

A Down-to-Earth Healer with an out of this world name

At Ustawi, we believe that knowledge is power, and the better you know the origins of everything that you put on your skin, the more empowered you are in knowing what – and why – the ingredients we use are so effective and gentle to support your wellbeing and glow – inside and out!

The story behind the strange name

In Greek mythology, the Garden of the Hesperides was a wedding gift to Hera and Zeus, an orchard full of trees and plants that promised immortality to any who ate from them. When scientists discovered Hesperidin in the early 19th century, its unlimited powers made it appropriate to name it after the ultimate garden of superfruits!

The science

Hesperidin is a chemical produced in the rind of citrus fruits. It is taken internally to improve blood circulation and is used in many applications to reduce inflammation. Scientists believe that certain plants evolved to produce Hesperidin as a layer of protection, to maintain the health and growth of its precious fruits. As always, the science behind Ustawi is rooted in nature, and we have derived the gifts of nature through exhaustive research and development, to optimize their benefit your wellbeing.

On the skin, Hesperidin’s protective and anti-inflammatory properties help block multiple steps of hyperpigmentation, including the balance and regulation of “tyrosinase activity”, the literal pace in which melanin is produced in the skin. In addition, its antioxidant powers prevent skin damage triggered by UVB and UVA rays, pollution, and other irritants. These superpowers alone are enough reason we formulate Hesperidin into almost every product in our skincare collection. But Hesperidin, like the best products of nature, is a multitasker.

Hesperidin stimulates lipids and keratinocytes… In plain English, it helps skin regenerate and “plump up”, which literally results in reduction of visible pores. Clinical testing has shown that Hesperidin can reduce visible pores by nearly 40%.

Your wellbeing

Immortality is a mythical aspiration, but ensuring wellbeing, inside and out, is not always easy, either. We hope to always empower you with the knowledge and the tools we have worked hard to develop in the pursuit of the best nature and science can offer to promote wellbeing.

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