Normal to Dry Skin

Collection: Normal to Dry Skin

Could this be you?

You may experience Dry Skin most of the days - or just during winter months…Your skin often feels tight, itchy, and uncomfortable. Learn more

You may also notice redness, patchiness, and uneven tone. Makeup can also look flaky and caky. Not fun at all!

The reason you are experiencing all of this is because your skin is not producing enough sebum. Maybe it is just Mother Nature, but it can also be circumstance: climate, or harsh ingredients found in some skincare products you are using - artificial fragrance, for example, is a strong allergen that irritates sensitive skin and makes dryness worse.

There is also a well-known connection between dry (oil) and dehydrated (water) skin. When your skin does not produce enough oil, its capacity to hold moisture (water) is low, eventually leading to dehydration.

How to break this vicious circle? Using gentle, naturally derived, clean skincare formulations is a must! Ingredients like Niacinamide, Baobab Fruit, Bamboo water, all found in our products, can do wonders.