All skin can use a brightening boost 


Let’s talk about dull skin

Whether your skin is dry, oily, both–or in between, chances are you will find your skin is a little lifeless and dull at times.  This is because the triggers for dull skin are myriad.  Here we explain the factors leading to skin dullness and the ways you can achieve and maintain your skin’s natural glow, no matter your skin type or shade.

What causes and/or triggers dull skin?

A main cause of dull skin is decreased skin turnover, which leads to a buildup of dead skin cells that fail to reflect light, diminishing the skin’s glow. This can occur in skin that tends to be dry: inadequate hydration can literally dry out the skin, creating an ashy appearance.  Most importantly, lack of hydration damages the skin’s natural barrier, making it more susceptible to environmental aggressions that also lead to dull skin.

Oily skin is vulnerable too. When there is an overproduction of oil and sebum, pores become clogged, dead skin cells accumulate, and your complexion loses its natural glow.

Additional causes for dull skin:

Environment and Lifestyle: the “aggressions” mentioned above – dust, dirt, even invisible particles in the air that can attach to the skin, UV rays, all factors that can irritate and cause immediate and long-term reactions.

Uneven Skin Tone/Texture: Hyperpigmentation in particular can deflect light, dulling the complexion.

Aging: Skin turnover gradually slows as we age, calling for an extra boost to maintain its natural brightness.

Achieving your skin’s natural glow 

It is clear. Your skin’s natural healthy brightness depends on:

  • Balanced Hydration – for ALL skin types, adequate hydration, inside and out
  • Protection – maintain a healthy skin barrier, combat the effects of environmental pollutants
  • Boost Healthy Skin Turnover – a Skincare Routine that really works for you

Our radiance bi-gel serum, the powerhouse formula to achieve your skin’s natural glow

Vitamin C is the key ingredient in our Serum. It is a natural antioxidant that stimulates skin cell renewal and protects the skin from free radicals (again, those “aggressions”). It helps block melanin production, reducing hyperpigmentation and brightening even the dullest complexion.

Not all Vitamin C is the same – In its natural form, Vitamin C is unstable and delicate, prone to releasing too much of its power quickly – which can irritate skin - then running out of steam, reducing its effectiveness.

Ustawi products are formulated with stabilized and lasting form of vitamin C derived from Baobab fruit pulp extract (10 times the Vitamin C content of oranges!). Formulated in combination with other powerful and natural ingredients, our Vitamin C will release gradually over time during the day, so your skin will benefit from all the healing and protection powers of this precious nutrient.


  • 100% satisfaction with improved skin appearance
  • 92% report boosted hydration
  • +66% hydration after 30 minutes
  • 94% find that this serum illuminates the complexion and revives the skin's radiance

Of course, prevention is the key to combatting dull skin, and following a good cleansing/treatment/moisturizing routine is essential. 

Cleansing must be thorough, yet kind to the skin. For all skin types, we recommend Ustawi’s 3-in-1 Illuminating Micellar Gel, which gently removes make-up and detoxifies, and illuminates the complexion. Micelles effectively remove impurities from the skin (96% of impurities are eliminated). Its gel texture refreshes the skin and allows the product to be massaged directly onto the face. Excess product can be removed with a cotton pad or damp cloth.

For normal to dry skin, we recommend our Nourishing Cleansing Balm, which gently cleanses the skin, removing make-up and pollution particles accumulated during the day. It contains an organic extract of myrtle leaf known to protect and detoxify epidermal cells and boosts the skin's natural antioxidant defense system. Its unique transforming texture ensures both a thorough cleanse and a truly relaxing moment: The gel becomes an oil as it is massaged into the skin, add water and it becomes a soothing milk. Pat dry and the skin is soft and radiant.

Skin is clean and ready to receive our flagship product: the Radiance Bi-Gel Serum.

Hydration is a key component to skin health, and moisturizing is a must, if you have combination to oily skin, our 24-Hour Moisturizer Mattifying Effect will effectively hydrate the skin while controlling sebum production (86% of volunteers noted this effect). Its light texture enables immediate make-up application (90% agree with this statement), leaving skin soft and smooth.  

For normal to dry skin, the Ultra-Nourishing 24-Hour Moisturizer maintains balanced hydration throughout the day (100% of volunteers agreed). It contains a cocktail of vitamins B3, C and E, much of it derived naturally from extract of baobab fruit, Africa's superfruit, rich in vitamins and minerals. Its texture adapts perfectly to the climate, leaving skin nourished without shine.